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    AUDIX ADX-218 kondensaattorimikrofoni

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    AUDIX ADX-218 kondensaattorimikrofoni

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    Boundry condenser microphone designed for stage, studio and broadcast applications, 18"
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    Miniature gooseneck condenser microphones


    The ADX212 and ADX218 are professional miniature gooseneck condenser microphones designed to for applications such as podium, presentation, meetings and teleconferencing. Known for for their clarity, excellent sound quality and ease of operation, the ADX212/218 have the ability to accurately capture and reproduce vocals from a comfortable distance.

    The ADX212/218 are characterized with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, helping to isolate the speaker from other ambient noise in the room or on the stage. The ADX212/218 mics are also available in a hypercardioid polar pattern (models ADX212HC and ADX218HC) for tighter pick-up control. With a wide frequency range of 40 Hz - 18 kHz, the ADX212/218 provide natural sound with exceptional transient response.

    The ADX212/218 mics are equipped with an integrated preamp circuitry built into the base of the XLR and may be mounted permanently via the supplied flange mount or with an optional base with an internal shockmount (SMT1218R). The mics may also be used on a standard mic stand or in conjunction with the Audix ATS-10 table stand with lighted on-off switch. Manufactured with very high standards and tight tolerances, the ADX212/218 features a machined brass body, field replaceable capsule, and a variety of optional accessories. The ADX212/218 operate on phantom power of 9 - 52 Volts are available in non-reflective black matte finish.


    Live sound, recording - Stage productions - Theatre - Ceremonies, weddings - Teleconferencing, boardroom - Piano - Room ambience


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    Pre-polarized Condenser

    Polar Pattern

    Cardioid, Hypercardioid

    Frequency Response

    40Hz - 18kHz


    250 Ohms


    @1k 24 mV/Pa



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