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    AUDIX Micro D instrumenttimikrofoni

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    AUDIX Micro D instrumenttimikrofoni

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    Miniature instrument microphone with shockmounted gooseneck primarily used for drums and percussion
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    Miniature instrument microphone with shockmounted gooseneck primarily used for drums and percussion


    Designed, assembled and tested by Audix in the USA, the Micro-D is a miniaturized condenser microphone used for professional stage and studio applications. The Micro-D, known for its clarity, excellent transient response, resistance to feedback, SPL handling and ease of operation, is primarily aimed for miking drums and percussion instruments.

    The Micro-D is characterized with a uniformly controlled hypercardioid polar pattern, provides excellent isolation and feedback control on stage as well as natural sound reproduction at very close distances.

    With a smooth and accurate response over a frequency range of 40 Hz - 20 kHz, the Micro-D is lightweight, compact and simple to use. Housed in an aluminum ring and isolated by means of a rubber shockmount system, the Micro-D comes with the DVICE mount for drums (included) or the DCLAMP mount for hand percussion (optional accessory). A number of other optional accessories are available which allow the Micro-D to be used on a mic stand or cymbal stand for a wider variety of applications.

    The Micro-D operates on phantom voltage of 9 - 52 Volts and is supplied with a phantom power adapter, 6 ft integrated mic cable and carrying pouch.


    Drums - Hand percussion - Cymbals, percussion toys


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    Pre-polarized Condenser

    Polar Pattern


    Frequency Response

    40Hz - 20kHz


    250 Ohms


    @1k 5 mV/Pa



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