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Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor Effects Pedal

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Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor Effects Pedal

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Studio Quality VCA Compressor Pedal, Rupert Neve Designs Audio Transformer, 100% Analog Circuitry, 3 Position EQ Switch, Attack & Threshhold Adjustments, Ratio 1:1 to Clean Limit, Make-Up Gain, Premium Components, 9V Battery or 9VDC
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Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor combines the best of both worlds, state of the art precision VCA technology usually only found in expensive outboard gear and a high current driven Rupert Neve Designs audio transformer for a 3D Sonic Image quality rich in harmonics with added vintage warms just like we love them from the classic recording.
The adjustable studio grade input pre-amplifier works as an interface between the instrument and the compressor section, the Inp/Comp control will make it easy to use the Lyndhurst for a wide variety of applications.
With the instrument plugged directly into the Lyndhurst, the sensitive input stage brings out nuances and details of the instrument as well as your playing you might never heard before.


  • Eq: 3-position post compression Eq for “F” flat, “S” sparkle or “C” chime
  • Attack: 2-position switch for selecting 100% variable adjustment of the pedal's attack speed or "Auto" mode for dynamic control with a firmer response.
  • Ratio: Controls the amount of gain reduction applied in relation to the input signal. 1:1 = no compression
  • Level: Controls the output level. Use this to “make up” the gain lost due to compression.
  • Inp/Comp (threshold): Works as an interface between the instrument and the compressor section. Controls the amount of gain and compression of the preamp which feeds into the actual compressor. Turning up the control will make the instrument increasingly more touch sensitive. Too much gain can clip the preamplifier into distortion. At lower settings compression is reduced, allowing the Lyndhurst to act more like a peak limiter.
  • Jewel Light: Reacts to the dynamics of your playing, depending on the output level of your instrument
  • Power: 9 volt DC, negative tip, power connector or internal 9V battery
  • 100% Analog Circuit Path
  • True Bypass

Disclaimer: This Bogner pedal features an audio transformer designed by Mr. Rupert Neve of Rupert Neve Designs. The word/name Neve® is a registered trademark of AMS Neve Ltd. and is in no way affiliated with this product.

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