Bogner 212OGF Goldfinger Open Back 2x12 Guitar Cabinet

212OGF, Handmade in USA, Extremely High Quality 2x12" Large Cab, Diagonally Mounted Celestion G12H30 + Celestion Greenback Speaker Elements, Optimized for Bogner Goldfinger, Open Back, Max Power 50W, 8 Ohm, Mono, Textured Black, Gray Front Grill, Weight 24.5 kg
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Bogner 212OGF Goldfinger Open Back 2x12 is a matching cabinet for the Bogner Goldfinger Head. Goldfinger is a very unique amplifier so it was only natural for Bogner to create a unique cabinet to go with it.

Reminiscent of the classic 4x10 size, the square retro styled cabinet features diagonally mounted Celestion G12H30 and Greenback 25 speakers. This is perhaps the most resonant Bogner 2x12 cabinet. The wide open back projects sound all around the room with a fresh breeze of tone.

While the cabinet is named after the Goldfinger it can be used with any amplifier. Of course, the same applies to the Goldfinger amplifier as long as the power handling of the speakers allows.
Note: Due to the 50 watt power handling, this cabinet is not suitable for the Goldfinger 90!

Construction: Tall Square Design, Open Back, Birch, Carrying Handle on Top
Speaker Elements: 1x 12" Celestion G12H30, 1x 12” Celestion Greenback
Power Handling: 50W
Impedance: 8 Ohm Mono
Dimensions (W x H x D): 651 x 619 x 261 mm
Weight: 24.5 kg

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