ESP Gotoh Magnum Lock Trad 3+3 Chrome Machine Heads

SG 301-04 MGT, High Quality Locking Tuners Used By ESP, For Electric Guitars or Steel-String Acoustic Guitars, Magnum Lock, Lubri-Coat Treated Mechanics, 3 Left + 3 Right, 1:18 Ratio, Chrome
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ESP Gotoh 301 Magnum Lock Tuners are a set of modern-style machine heads for electric or western acoustic guitars. They feature a closed-back design, small housing, Gotoh’s revolutionary Rock Solid posts for unrivalled tuning stability and "Lubri-Coat" technology that reduces friction between the gears resulting in an ultra smooth feel and minimal back lash. Screws, washers and bushes included.

Instructions: Simply insert the string through the hole, pull to tension by hand and begin tuning. As you tune, only the locking cam in the post turns. Once the string begins to turn, it can be tuned to pitch. In less than one revolution of the post, you will be in tune and locked. Will fit headstock holes that are drilled out to 10mm diameter.

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