Free The Tone Tri Avatar TA-2H Multidimensional Chorus Effects Pedal

Free The Tone
Free The Tone Tri Avatar TA-2H, High Quality Stereo Chorus Pedal, Chorus Effect has 3 Phases for Wider and Deeper Sound, 128 Presets, Versatile Tone Control, Works with 9V AC Adapter
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The Free The Tone Tri Avatar is a next generation chorus pedal with four signal paths for three chorus sounds (three phases) and one dry signal. In stereo operation the first phase of chorus sound is assigned to the L side, the second phase to the L+R sides, and the third phase to the R side. In monaural operation all of the three phases are mixed together. By mixing three independent chorus sounds the Tri Avatar adds more width and depth to its output and the result exceeds that which can be achieved by conventional stereo chorus pedals. Problems with usual chorus units such as unintentional pitch changes, sound images with blurred lower end, and noises relating to sweep timing have been solved by combining Free The Tone's analog and digital technologies and with its unique know-how. The result is our completely new chorus pedal that will amaze its users with the various incredible sounds that can be created by a single chorus pedal.

The conventional TA-1H has only four presets that can be saved settings, but the new TA-2H has significantly increased the number of presets to 128. In addition, the new TA-2H employs the same AD/DA converter used in the Flight Time (digital delay), allowing you to enjoy a warmer mid-low range sound. Please experience the potential of the TA-2H, which produces a variety of sounds beyond the conventional concept of chorus pedals.

Versatile Chorus with stereo and mono operation.
Three independent signal paths for the chorus effect for wider and deeper sound.
128 presets, 4 built in, 124 with Midi.
Versatile Tone control.
24-bit AD/DA converter.
Rate or Tone can be controlled with an expression pedal.
Controls: 3x Depth (Left, Center, Right), Tone, Rate, Level, Dry Mix
Switches: 1x Preset, On/Off
Inputs: 1x 6,3 mm Jack, 1x Expression in, Midi in
Outputs: 2x 6,3 mm Jack
Power: 9V AC adapter
Dimensions: (WxDxH): 120 x 102,3 x 58,5 mm (including footswitches, jacks, etc.)
Weight: 380 g

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