ESP MM-04 Preamp Booster

Alexi Laiho Signature Electric Guitar Preamp & Booster, For EMG HZ Pickup, Master Volume Pot, Gain Trim, 4 Treble EQ Dip Switches, Solder Installation, Includes Output Jack, Battery Adapter and On/Off Mini Switch, Instructions Included
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ESP MM-04 is a preamp booster that was originally custom designed for Alexi Laiho to his own specifications, and since became an essential part of his trademark cutting edge guitar tone.

This sound is now available to all guitarists by joint development of the ESP Guitar Company and Musamaailma, ESP’s exclusive distributor in Alexi’s native Finland.

The Alexi Laiho MM-04 has four pre-set frequency switches a single trim pot for gain control, the same tools used by the world’s leading metal guitarist to create today’s most sought after heavy rock & metal sound!

The boost level is controllable by adjusting the trimmer pot. Boost range is +4.5dB minimum and +18dB at the maximum setting. You can choose 7 different treble EQ presets by adjusting the 4 dip switches. Alexi’s signature setup is created with an EMG HZ humbucker pickup and the following settings: Dip switches 2 and 4 are on, gain boost around 50 to 80%.

ESP MM-04 Preamp
Master Volume Pot
Onboard Gain Trimmer Pot +4.5dB - +18dB
Onboard 4x Treble EQ Dip Switches (2kHz-5kHz)
1x 2-Way Gain Boost On/Off Switch
1x Output Jack
1x Prewired Battery Clip for 9V Battery
Includes Installation Instructions
Board Dimensions: Width 45 mm, Height 25 mm, Thickness max. 9 mm (without potentiometer)

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ArtistAlexi Laiho
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