Groove Tubes 12AT7 Preamp Tube

GT-12AT7, Tested High Quality Preamp Tube
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Groove Tubes 12AT7 preamp tube is used widely in most of the U.S.-made amps (Fender amps, in particular). Fender amps with reverb use two 12AT7s: one for the reverb drive stage, and one used as a phase inverter to drive the push/pull output stage. The 12AT7's makeup is very similar to the 12AX7 and can be substituted for a 12AX7 in a pinch, although it lacks the 12AX7's character. Some players do prefer to use the 12AT7 in the driver stage in a Marshall for a cleaner, brighter tone (Tip: the driver or phase inverter is the 12AX7 located nearest the power tubes).

The 12AT7 is rarely used in a tone-generating stage, but rather in function stages, so the GT-12AT7 is selected for durability. This tube will some times bear the number 6201 as well as 12AT7. This is a special (and more expensive) production run with a rugged construction. The GT-12AT7 is tested under extreme listening conditions and guaranteed to be free of excess noise and microphonic ring.

For over 30 years, Groove Tubes have been trusted and demanded by touring professionals and their techs around the world. Groove Tubes started in southern California, and through innovative design, rigorous selection and testing, GT-powered amps have rocked the world in some of the most famous rigs ever played from studio to stage. Combining their passion for music with the science of sound, the Groove Tubes team still employs the same testing, grading and matching disciplines that continue to deliver flawless performance every time.

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