Groove Tubes 5U4 Rectifier Tube

Tested High Quality Rectifier Tube, Get Better Dynamics and Clear Gain, Great for Medium-Wattage Amps, Replacement for 5Y3 or 5AR4
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Groove Tubes 5U4 Rectifier Tube is common to medium powered amps like the earlier Fender Super Reverbs and Bandmasters. May be used replaced a 5Y3 for improved dynamics and power. Also some players have replaced their 5AR4 with the 5U4 in their Vox AC30 amps to reduce heat and extend the life of the power tubes, we recommended this as a "stability enhancer", if you can live with the slightly lower power.

For over 30 years, Groove Tubes have been trusted and demanded by touring professionals and their techs around the world. Groove Tubes started in southern California, and through innovative design, rigorous selection and testing, GT-powered amps have rocked the world in some of the most famous rigs ever played from studio to stage. Combining their passion for music with the science of sound, the Groove Tubes team still employs the same testing, grading and matching disciplines that continue to deliver flawless performance every time.

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