Klarna Invoice

Buy Now, Pay After You've Received Your Goods!

With Klarna Invoice you never need to disclose your account details, and you only pay after you’ve received your goods. So you can buy online in a more simple and safer way.

  • You receive your goods first and pay later
  • You always have 14 days to pay from the date of your invoice
  • You don’t need to disclose your account details
  • Financing available with Klarna Account

Note: Orders made with Klarna payment method can only be shipped to the person (and the official address matching that person's social security number), whose details have been given when choosing the Klarna payment method. Although it is possible to input a separate shipping address in our web store, this will not be used for orders made with Klarna.

Costs and Fees

An invoice fee of 3,95 € is charged per purchase. If your payment is late, there’s a reminder fee of 5,00€ and a penalty interest rate on arrears ​in accordance with the current Interest Rates Act. Klarna verifies your creditworthiness at the time of purchase. In some cases this includes a credit check.

Order your goods, then pay with invoice after delivery

In a physical store you can always see and feel the products before you pay for them. We think that's great. That way you can always be sure you are paying for something you really want. Klarna invoice works exactly the same – see the goods first and make the payment later.

Simple – Shop using only top-of-mind information

To pay by invoice, simply choose to pay by invoice through Klarna and enter your personal information. A minor check will be run to confirm your personal information and accept your purchase. This takes roughly one second.

Safe – Pay after delivery

When your purchase is approved, the store sends the items right away. When you receive your order, you also receive an invoice. This is sent either with your order or separately by mail.

Convenient – Always at least 14 days to pay

Normally you have 14 days to pay. But sometimes you may get even longer. So always check your invoice to determine the last possible payment date.

Flexible Financing

If you want to spread out the payments for your purchase, just check the minimum payment on your invoice. This is the minimum amount you can pay to turn your purchase into an installment payment. By making a part payment of 1/24 of the invoiced amount or at least a minimum of 5 €, you can apply to convert your invoice into a Klarna Account with flexible installments.

Credit check and data protection

Klarna reviews and evaluates the data you provided and exchanges data with other companies and credit rating agencies. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable data protection law as described in Klarna’s privacy statement.