EMG BQS System

High Quality Bass EQ System for EMG Active Pickups, Solderless Quick Connectors, 3-Band EQ, Includes 1x Balance (Blend), 1x Master Volume, 1x Bass Pot, 1x Treble Pot, 1x Mid-Range Concentric Pot with Variable Mid Frequencies,+-12dB Boost/Cut, Incl. Accessories
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EMG BQS System features a pre-wired balance control (blend), master volume, separate bass and treble pots along with the concentric/stacked mid-control for EMG Active Pickups. All the EQ controls and balance control feature center detents. This active EQ circuit for bass guitars works by rotating the control clockwise to boost, counterclockwise to cut. There is a center detent for flat response. The mid-range control has a variable frequency knob that allows you to sweep through the mid-frequency range from 100Hz to 1KHz. This selects the frequency to boost or cut.

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Active Balance Control (B118)

The ABC Control is designed for EMG Active Pickups. It allows loss-free balance between two pickups and has a center detent for the middle position. If you are using EMG-HZ Passive pickups, or other passive pickups you will want to use the B125 Active Balance Control which features buffered inputs for passive high impedance pickups.

BQS Control 3-band equalizer for Bass guitar

The BQS features dual-pole filters for broadband equalization. The primary feature of the BQS System is the variable mid-range frequency selection from 100 to 1KHz along with boost or cut of the chosen frequency. An additional feature of the BQS Control is a 2-position dip-switch that controls the slope of the high frequency response. By choosing one of the four combinations the high frequency response can be tailored to your liking.


  • 1x EMG BQS Mid-Range Control Concentric Pot
  • 1x EMG Bass Pot
  • 1x EMG Treble Pot
  • 1x EMG ABC Control Balance/Blend Pot
  • 1x Master Volume Pot
  • 1x Output Jack
  • 1x Battery Buss
  • 1x Battery Clip
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