Seymour Duncan Music Man 5-Strg Alnico V SMB-5A Bassomikrofoni

Seymour Duncan
11402-32, SMB5A, Huippulaadukas bassomikki 5-kielisiin Music Man -malleihin, Alnico 5 magneetit, 5-kielinen, Musta
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When adding a low B (or lower) on a ‘vintage’ tone pickup, sometimes the voicing can get lost. With this 5-string alnico MM replacement, Seymour Duncan kept all the organic warmth and added some top and low end bump. The oversized alnico 5 rod magnets, together with Duncan's unique coil windings deliver an extended response at both the treble and bass ends of the frequency spectrum. Compared with the ceramic version, this pickup is both warmer on the bottom, and more detailed on the top, which means more authentic 70’s Stingray vibe. The perfect way to turn what would normally be 4-string vintage tone territory into your 5-string playground.

This pickup is a drop-in replacement for 5-string Music Man Stingray basses. It may fit into OLP instruments as well, but check the cover dimensions of our pickup (on this site) against the size of your OLP’s pickup slot to be sure.

Combine with Duncan's Music Man replacement preamp for a complete setup.

Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, Duncan's alnico Music Man replacement pickup uses oversized alnico 5 rod magnets, Forbon flatwork, 4-conductor leadwire, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal free operation. Comes with black cover.

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