Victory V30 The Jack MKII Guitar Amplifier


Victory Amplification Compact Series, Made in the UK, Handmade High Quality Boutique Tube Head, Switchable Power 42/7W, 2 Channels with 3 Mods, 2x 6L6 Power Amp Tubes, Compatible With EL34, External Bias Adjustment, 3-Band EQ with Nomod Bass Frequency Mod, Effects Loop, Weight 8.2kg, Includes Two Footswitches, Includes Padded Carry Bag

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Victory V30 The Jack MKII is a high quality all-tube guitar head that’s truly a jack of all trades - it’s incredibly versatile, powerful and portable. It was previously known as The Countess, but the name and the visuals have been changed to better represent the versatility of the amplifier.

Originally developed with Guthrie Govan as his ‘flying amp’, the V30 MKII features an all-new Clean-channel Crunch mode and the footswitchable 'Nomod' function to offer two levels of bass response.

The V30 has very distinct clean and overdrive channels. There is massive headroom and clarity in the former, with a ton of heavy rocking overdrive in the latter. With V30MKII, Victory added an extra footswitchable crunch mode to the clean channel that offers a whole new palette of pushed clean, crunch and light overdrive tones to the party. Along with the 'Nomod' function, the V30 is the ultimate ultra-compact all-rounder.

Two Channels, Three Modes
​Footswitchable Clean and Overdrive channels offer chiming, high-headroom cleans through to huge, modern-rock-ready gain. For in-between, low- and mid-gained tones, V30MKII also has a footswitchable Crunch mode in the Clean channel (see right).

Crunch Mode
​This footswitchable addition to the Clean channel brings an extra gain stage to take you into pushed and light overdrive sounds. It’s great for anything and everything where a little bit of drive is needed from blues to country to classic rock and more.

High & Low Power Modes
​People are often astounded at the punchy, high-headroom clarity of the V30's 42 watts. It's loud enough for almost any stage, but if you want to explore lower volume and a different set of dynamics, you can switch to the low-power 7-watt mode.

Nomod Function
Victory’s footswitchable low-end response function is a result of some users wanting a tighter feel for the V30, especially with heavier overdrive sounds.

External Bias Adjustment
​No need to fiddle inside the amp when you change output valves. There is also a bias range switch on the chassis to suit either EL34 or 6L6 power valves, so when you've set that correctly, you then use this for the fine-tuning adjustment.

Made in the UK
Power (Clean Channel): 42/7W RMS
Power (OD Channel): 37/6W RMS
Power Tubes: 2x 6L64 (Interchangeable with EL34)
Preamp Tubes: 4x 12AX7
Channels: 2, With 3 Modes
Controls (Front Panel): Clean Gain (Pull for Crunch), Channel Switch, Overdrive Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Clean Master, Overdrive Master, High/Standby/Low Switch
Controls (Rear Panel): Power On/Off Switch, Bias Adjustment, Nomod Switch
Inputs: 1x 6.3mm Instrument In, 1x Effects Loop Return, Footswitch (2-Way Latching: Channel 1/2, Clean/Crunch), Footswitch (1-Way Latching: Nomod On/Bypass)
Outputs: 1x 6.3mm Effects Loop Send
Speaker Outputs: 3x 6.3mm Jack, 16 Ohm / 8 Ohm / 2x 16 Ohm
Construction: Skeletonised Metal Case, Rubber Handle on Top
Dimensions (WxDxH): 342 x 185 x 185mm
Weight: 8.2kg
Includes Two 2-button Footswitches (Channel Change / Crunch and Nomod)
Includes Padded Carry Bag

More Information
ArtistGuthrie Govan