Very popular Loota Percussion Cajon sets, hardware and drum pedals. Wide selection of handmade Istanbul cymbals with lots of sounds for different music genres. A wide selection of Regal Tip drumsticks and brushes.

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  1. Roland TD-02KV V-Drums Set
    In stock
  2. Roland TD-02K V-Drums Set
    In stock
  3. Roland TD-17KV2 V-Drums Set New-22.47%
    Roland TD-17KV2 V-Drums Set
    Now Only €1,629.00 Regular Price €2,101.00
    In stock
  4. Roland SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad
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  5. Stagg DK-52 rumpuavain T-malli
    In stock
  6. Roland PDS-20 Drum Pad Stand
    In stock
  7. Istanbul Agop Signature Hi-Hat 15” Cymbals
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