STAGG PPD-52 Bass Drum Double Pedal

Affordable Kick Drum Double Pedal, Double Chain, 4-Way Felt/Plastic Beater, Beater Angle Adjustment, Beater Memory Lock, Spring Tension Adjustment, Adjustable Spikes, Rubber Grip Bottom, Steel Frame. Includes Tuning Key, Allen Key, Extra Springs for 2 Single Pedals Mode, Weight 5.25kg
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Stagg PPD-52 is an affordable and sturdy bass drum double pedal with double chain action and all the essential adjustments. Features include steel frame, 4-way beaters with memory locks and rubber grip bottoms.

  • Chains: Double chain over sprocket drive
  • Base plates: Steel with anti-skid rubber pad
  • Fixing: Anchor spikes to hold the pedal in place and side-operating clamp mechanism
  • Beaters: 4-way beater (felt-plastic)
  • Features: Adjustable beater angle and spring tension, 540° adjustable tilter
  • Included: Drive shaft, tuning key, Allen key, memory lock on beater and additional spring pack to separate into 2 single pedals
  • Net weight: 5.25 kg
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