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ENGL Special Edition Head E670 Kitaravahvistin

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ENGL Special Edition Head E670 Kitaravahvistin

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EN670, ENGL lippulaivamalli! Super-monipuolinen täysputkinuppi, jonka ominaisuudet eivät lopu kesken! Tehty Saksassa, 100W, Tehon puolitus, 4 kanavaa: Clean Crunch Lead 1 ja Lead 2, Modern/Classic Mode kaikissa kanavissa, 4x 6L6GC pääteasteputket, 5x ECC83 etuasteputket, Säädettävä noise gate, 3 efektilenkkiä tason säädöllä, Electronic Tube Monitoring, Sisäänrakennettu jousikaiku, 2x Master Volume, 2x Presence, Täysin MIDI-ohjattava, Balansoitu linjalähtö, Standby-kytkin

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ENGL Special Edition E670 is the flagship of all ENGL guitar amps: The universe of sound in a single amp, optimized for the next generation of ambitious guitar players. 6 basic sounds and 24 switchable sound options to store 128 MIDI presets. From crystal clean to smooth iazz, from Texas crunch to pounding rock, from fat metal punch to screaming leads. 100 watts of mega-power. It doesn’t get much better.


  • Tube Driver Circuit for effect devices, also serves as a separate 5th channel that can be selected directly (with or without EQ)
  • Modern and Classic sound-shaping buttons determine the basic voicing of all 4 channels
  • 2 gain variants for each of the basic channels: Gain Boost and Hi Gain
  • 3 voicing sections: one EQ for Clean and Crunch (Main Channel 1), one for Lead I and Lead II (Main Channel 2) and another for the Tube Driver
  • Every channel sports a dedicated Treble knob
  • Various sound-shaping buttons tuned to match the tonal requirements of the given channels
  • Large spring reverb with separate knobs for the 2 Main Channels
  • 3 effect loops: FX Loop I and FX Loop II are variable, switchable effect loops, while Serial FX Loop is a separate circuit that can be used in series with 2 main effect loops
  • Each effect loop may be activated for each channel as well as for the Tube Driver circuit
  • 2 each power amp Master and Presence knobs, accessible via MIDI
  • Variable MIDI-switchable power amp output (50 or 100 watts) with hot impedance adjustment
  • A/B speaker switching with separate impedance selector for connected speaker systems
  • Balanced, frequency-compensated XLR line output for routing preamp or power amp signals to mixers or recording gear
  • MIDI In and Thru ports serve to integrate the amp into a MIDI system
  • 128 MIDI presets, accessible via 16 MIDI channels
  • Offers three different remote interface ports: Serial Amp Control Port accepts the Custom Z9 Footswitch (sold separately); the MIDI In accepts the Z9 for use as a simple MIDI footcontroller or any other MIDI footcontroller
  • Amp is equipped with a stereo jack that takes a dual footswitch allowing you to switch the four channels remotely


  • 4 channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead 1, Lead 2, each in modern or classic mode
  • Mega-low punch
  • Noise gate
  • 3 FX loops (one serial, two parallel)
  • Tube driver circuit (extra channel plus EQ for direct switching to the power amp)
  • 5 x ECC 83 preamp tubes

Master Section:

  • 100 watts (4 x 6L6GC tubes)
  • Half-drive mode (50 watts)
  • Master A/B switch
  • Presence A/B switch
  • Deep Boost
  • Electronic Tube Protection Circuit
  • Speaker A/B switch


  • Balanced Recording out
  • Cable test/impedance check
  • Speaker A/B out (4, 8, 16 ohms)
  • Z-9 footswitch port


  • Storable in any combination as required, Channel switches, Preamp boosts, Normal/ultra bright, Modern/classic mode, Preamp defeat, FX loops, Tube driver circuit, Mega-low punch, Depth Boost, Reverb, Noise gate, Master A/B, Presence A/B, Speaker A/B, Half Power Switch (100/50 watts).

Weight: 26 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 710 x 270 x 290mm



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