Free The Tone Ambi Space AS-1R Digital Reverb Efektipedaali

Free The Tone
Huippuluokan stereokaikupedaali, 6 erilaista kaikutyyppiä, monipuoliset säädöt, 32-bit korkean tarkkuuden DSP, Analoginen signaalitie kuivalla signaalilla, Analoginen sisäinen mikseri, 4 muistipaikkaa, MIDI In, HTS-piiri, Instrumentti/linjasignaalin vaihtokytkin
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By using Free The Tone’s original algorithm, the Ambi Space combines various elements to achieve a mechanism for producing complex reverberation, through the use of a 32-bit dual core chip and a 32-bit high precision DSP. While the high quality, natural and musical sounding reverberation realized in this compact device can of course be used for electric guitars and basses, as well as for acoustic guitars and vocals, it is equally at home in other situations, such as recording and mixing.

In Free The Tone’s newly developed and original reverb sounds “CAVE” and “SERENE”, the early reflections and late reverberation are added in multiple steps to realize a complex harmonic structure comprising enhanced frequency components, all of which creates an almost magical, transparent and spatial sounding reverb like you’ve never heard before. These new reverb sounds will stimulate your imagination.

Free The Tone’s original HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit is implemented. Unlike conventional buffer circuits, the HTS circuit attains both sound and low noise by performing impedance conversion while fully bringing out sound characteristics of the guitar. The HTS circuit prevents degradation of guitar timbre even when the effect is turned off.

By combining all of the analog and digital know-how accumulated so far by Free The Tone, the reverb effects unit Ambi Space was finally born after a long development period. Try it out and feel its sound.

Top quality stereo reverb pedal.
Sonic quality equals rack mount reverb units
32 bit high-precision DSP
Analog signal path for direct sound
Analog internal mixer
Controls: Pre Delay, Decay, Tone, Mix, Mode, Inst/Line level select switch, Kill Dry switch
4 presets that can be called with footswitch or MIDI
Six reverb modes are provided: Spring, Plate, Room, Hall, Cave, and Serene.
Switch: Free The Tone's original HTS circuit.
Inputs: IN L/Mono (6,3 mm jack), IN R (6,3 mm jack), MIDI IN
Outputs: OUT L/Mono (6,3 mm jack), Out R (6,3 mm jack)
Power: 9V DC, approx. 280 mA, power supply sold separately
Dimensions: (WxDxL):  120 x 102,3 x 58,5 mm (including footswitches, jacks, etc.)
Weight: 385 g

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