Free The Tone Future Factory FF-1Y RF Phase Modulation Delay Efektipedaali

Free The Tone

Huippulaadukas delay-pedaali modulaatiolla, Random Fluctuating Phase Modulation -ominaisuus, 3-kanavainen EQ, Soft Clipping -ominaisuus, 32-bit erittäin tarkka DSP, Kaksi delay-kanavaa kytkettävissä sarjassa tai rinnan, HTS-piiri ja analoginen mikseri, Sisääntulon taso vaihdettavissa instrumentti- ja linjatason välillä, Delayn vaiheen käännös, Trail funktio, Tap tempo, Muistipaikkojen vaihto, Midi In/Out, Toimii 9V DC virtalähteellä

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“Creation of a new sound” ― this was the motto for the development of Free The Tone Future Factory FF-1Y. Many digital delay units that implement a modulation function have been introduced to date. In general, the phase of a low frequency oscillator (LFO) used in these modulation circuits changes regularly at a preset cycle. However in our Future Factory we succeeded in creating a new modulation sound with a unique method in which signal’s phase changes at random when the signal crosses a certain attenuation level. This creates an unprecedented effect in which a fluctuating spacious sound seems to float in the air. (This function works best when used in Stereo mode.)

The FF-1Y has a dedicated 3-band equalizer for delay sound. Tonal adjustments of delay sound are indispensable for handling various musical phrases. This 3-band EQ can select a frequency to match the instrument to be used. This is a useful feature for guitarists and bassists, as well as saxophonists, violinists, DJ’s, or keyboardists.

For the users who will mainly use this unit in Monaural mode, we added a soft clipping circuit to one channel of the delay. By distorting the delay sound and adding it to the dry sound you can create an unprecedented, musical sound. The delay sound’s bandwidth is narrowed but harmonic overtones are added. This enables the creation of a sound similar to that made by vintage devices.

The Future Factory incorporates two delay modules that can be used as a stereo delay or easily used in Monaural mode by connecting them in series.

This unparalleled delay effect unit Future Factory FF-1Y is the fruit of Free The Tone’s continuous pursuit of sound quality and new functionality, and the culmination of our latest creative endeavors. This delay unit will surely stimulate your imagination and inspire you to create new and original sounds.

Free The Tone’s original HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit is implemented. Unlike conventional buffer circuits, the HTS circuit attains both sound and low noise by performing impedance conversion while fully bringing out sound characteristics of the guitar. The HTS circuit prevents degradation of guitar timbre even when the effect is turned off.

World-first Random Fluctuating Phase Modulation Function (As of November 2018, based on Free The Tone’s investigation)
3-Band Equalizer
Soft Clipping
32-bit High-Precision DSP
Dual Delay Units connectable in parallel or series
Built-in HTS Circuit and Analog Mixer
Instrument and Line Input Level Switching
Delay Phase Invert
Trail Function
Tap Input
Preset Switching (1–4)
MIDI Support
Switch: Free The Tone's original HTS circuit
LED: Effect On / Off
Inputs: 2x 6,3 mm Jack, MIDI In/Out
Outputs: 2x 6,3 mm Jack, MIDI In/Out
Power: 9V AC adapter
Dimensions: (WxDxH): 145,4 x 120,5 x 60 mm (including footswitches, jacks, etc.)
Weight: 470 g
Astoundingly excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

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