Graph Tech TUSQ Nut Bass PQ-1214-00 Yläsatula

Fender Style Jazz 4 String, Laadukas basson yläsatula 4-kielisiin bassoihin, Valmiiksi uritettu
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9,90 €

Graph Tech TUSQ Nut Bass PQ-1214-00 on laadukas yläsatula J-Bass -tyyppisiin bassoihin. Valmiit kieliurat tekevät asentamisesta helppoa.

Leveys: 39.47 mm
Paksuus: 3.25 mm
Korkeus: 4.75 mm
G - E väli: 31.06 mm

TUSQ has become an important tone performance tool for many guitar manufacturers, luthiers, and playing professionals around the world. TUSQ nuts have rich tone and sustain without the inconsistency found in ivory, bone and other natural materials.

Most important are E to E spacing and width of nut. Extra length and height is common and can be taken down with fine sandpaper. TUSQ can be sanded, filed, and polished just like ivory or bone.

Graph Tech's precision engineered components are used by many of the world's leading guitar manufacturers including Carvin, Fender, Gibson, Godin, Ibanez, Martin, Schecter, Taylor, Tom Anderson, and many more.

What does TUSQ sound like? TUSQ nuts are designed to transfer the right frequencies more efficiently from the string to the guitar body, resulting in crisp highs and open lows.