EMG H1-N Black kitaramikrofoni

HZ Series, Ceramic magnet, Sähkökitaran kaulamikki, passiivi, Musta
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Tarjoushinta 84,84 € Normaalihinta 89,30 €

The H1 employs EMG's technology without sacrificing the presence and open sound of the best vintage humbuckers.

This model utilizes over wound coils and ceramic magnets to give it the punch and brilliance of a classic passive humbucker.

The neck position (H1-N) has remarkable clarity, while in the bridge position (H1-B) you’ll get defined crunchy lead sounds from your guitar with no effort.

When paired up, these two are great for 60’s and 70’s rock tones and EMG's solderless installation makes swapping in these pickups easier than ever.

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