Seymour Duncan Lightnin Rods P-Bass APB-2 Bassomikrofoni

Seymour Duncan
11406-05, APB2, Laadukas Precision Bass -tyyppinen mikki, 4-kielisiin bassoihin, Vintage-soundi isommalla ulostulolla, Alnico 5 magneetit, Musta
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The APB-2 Lightning Rods is an active P-Bass pickup voiced for vintage-style tone, but with the benefit of higher active output level.

Seymour Duncan kept all the familiar vintage P-bass qualities and simply created a vintage-sounding pickup with a hotter output. It has a traditional exposed poles look, and is a drop-in replacement for basses with a Fender American Standard P-Bass sized pickup slot.

Perfect for the player who wants to keep vintage tone, but needs the consistent, steady signal level of an active pickup.

Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Lightning Rods use ceramic magnets, and come with 3-conductor leadwire.

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