Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails Strat Neck Black Kitaramikrofoni

Seymour Duncan
11205-13-B, SVR-1N, Yksikelaisen kokoinen humbucker, Hurinaton soundi rinnakkain kytkettynä, Kaulamikki, Esim. Stratocaster-tyyppisiin kitaroihin, musta
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Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails Strat Neck is a single coil sized humbucker with a unique split-blade design that is meant to be wired in parallel to give you a sparkly, vintage style single coil tone without the Strat hum.

In the neck position, this pickup is great for all types of articulate rhythm playing. For added versatility, its 4-conductor leadwire gives you the option of switching it into series wiring (using a pushpull or mini-toggle) for hotter, fatter humbucker tone.

This pickup is a drop-in for any single coil pickup route.

Pair with Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails Strat bridge.

Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Vintage Rails for Strat comes with a ceramic magnet, 4-conductor lead wire, and is wax potted for squeal free operation.

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