Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Firebird Bridge Kitaramikrofoni

Seymour Duncan
11014-10, Antiquity Series,Yksikelainen tallamikki, Sopii esim. Firebird-malliseen kitaraan, Nikkelinvärinen kuori
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This vintage bridge pickup is gritty and punchy, with just the right amount of bottom for unique character that only a true classic Firebird has.

The calibrated alnico 5 magnets gives the treble response an edgy sparkle like an overwound single coil, and the classic coil wind gives the bass response a humbucker-like tightness. The result is a bridge pickup that sounds like the perfect cross between a single coil and a humbucker with a growling tone.

The Antiquity II Firebird pickup is a drop-in replacement for any Gibson Firebird, and it mounts with a standard Firebird mounting ring and 3-48 mounting screw, like the originals. Its custom aged nickel cover makes it a great match for that well weathered, road worn instrument.

Staying true to the 50s era Gibson pickup, these humbuckers are not wax potted which takes you right to the edge of harmonic breakup. Our Antiquity II for Firebird is faithfully assembled with the same materials as the original Firebird pickups, and it is wound to the original spec.

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