Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Staggered Strat SSL-7 RWRP Kitaramikrofoni

Seymour Duncan
11202-09-RwRp, SSL7RWRP, Quarter Pound Staggered, Yksikelainen vastapäivään käämitty Straton keskimikki, Normaalia suuremmat magneetit tuottavat isomman ulostulon ja tanakamman signaalin, Paksut keskitaajuudet, Alnico 5
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A staggered pole pattern delivers an edgier tone with gritty midrange and the quarter inch rod magnets give this RWRP pickup extra output and punch.

The Quarter Pound Staggered RWRP for Stratocaster uses the same diameter alnico 5 rod magnets and high output custom coil winding as the standard version, but is made reverse woundreverse polarity so that, when combined with the neck or bridge pickups in positions 2 & 4, it gives you noiseless operation.

On its own it will give you the same beefed up, punchy tone that you get from the standard wound model. Combine with an SSL-7 in the neck and bridge for a complete setup.

The bobbins are hand built using a custom high-output coil wind, diameter alnico 5 rod magnets, and are wax potted for squeal free performance. Seymour Duncan use modern oval Forbon flatwork (non-triangular) which enables this pickup to fit into any guitar that is routed for single coils.

MerkkiSeymour Duncan
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MagneettiAlnico 5
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