MOOER GE1000Li Multiefektipedaali


Mooer uuden sukupolven multiefekti kitaralle, Akkukäyttöinen, Kompakti ja futuristinen muotoilu, Laajennettu valikoima vahvistinmallinnuksia ja efektejä, MNRS-vahvistinmallien tuonti, Kaiutinkaappi-impulssivasteiden (IR) tuonti, Looper, Rumpukone, Tap Tempo, Ekspressiopedaali, Tekoälyyn perustuva automaattinen kustomoitava EQ, Laadukas 5" kosketusnäyttö, Helppo käyttöliittymä, Kuulokeulostulo, Stereo XLR-ulostulo, Efektilooppi, MIDI, USB-C, Toimii tietokoneen äänikorttina, Hallittavissa älypuhelinsovelluksen tai tietokoneohjelman kautta, Bluetooth

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MOOER has consistently pleased the guitar pedal market with its GE multi-effect range, and its latest addition, the GE1000, is set to be no exception. The GE1000, built with a futuristic and sleek “Walking Star” design, builds upon past GE products, offering an even larger range of guitar processing effects, preamps, amp simulators, and features than previous entries.

The GE1000 comes preloaded with an impressive bank of guitar effects and amp simulations, but this is augmented further through MNRS GE Cloud support. MOOER’s MNRS files consist of IR samples from real amplifiers, facilitating authentic feeling tones that can be downloaded, uploaded, and shared via MOOER’s ‘GE Cloud’ app for free. The GE1000 also supports third-party IR files of up to 2048 sample points, enabling further expansion of the pedal's portfolio of amp simulators.

Further adding to the GE1000’s impressive amplification and tone features, the GE1000 includes a cutting-edge AI-driven automatic equalizer, a first for MOOER. This automatically adjusts a 5-band EQ based on the user's playing and music style choice, providing further possibilities for creativity whilst still providing the flexibility of a manual-controlled EQ interface. 

MOOER hasn’t only focused on tone and pitch with the GE1000 exclusively, which is illustrated perfectly by the integrated Groove Station rhythmic toolkit, consisting of a style-specific drum machine and a looper. These features have been designed to work both independently and in tempo synchronization, making them adaptable for all types of jam. The looper even includes automated record and count-in functions, activating the loop recording when an input signal is detected, providing a unique hands-free looping experience. 

MOOER has always excelled at providing innovative UI experiences, and the GE1000 is set to continue this trend. The pedal features a 5-inch high-quality coloured touch screen designed for intuitive multi-effect workflows while keeping some fan favourites from previous GE pedals. These include the signature MOOER multi-purpose control dials, buttons, and a quick-access expression pedal.

Additional flexibility can be found within the pedal’s cutting-edge control systems, including programmable MIDI ports, bundled preset management software, and compatibility with the MOOER mobile app. This level of flexibility is matched by the pedal’s audio routing solutions, which feature Bluetooth playback, USB audio interfacing, serial and parallel TRS stereo FX LOOP compatibility, and industry-standard input and output ports. 

The GE1000 Li is installed with a Lithium-ion battery, enabling guitarists to use the pedal even when mains power is unavailable. When combined with the pedal’s synchronizable Groove Station drum machine, digital tuner, AI-driven equalizer, and looper, GE1000 users are empowered to craft fully loaded compositions without needing backing tracks, bandmates, or expensive gear.

255 preset slots for effects and amp simulators
MOOER MNRS sample file support through the “GE Cloud” app
2048pt support for third-party IR files
Including Groove Station mode with Drum Machine and Looper that can be synchronized; the perfect tool for creativity and practice 
Tap-tempo control
On-board expression foot pedal
Advanced AI-driven auto equalizer, with customizable parameters
Built-in high-precision dual-layer digital tuner
Quick-access effect block
Futuristic “Walking Star” design
5-inch high-quality coloured touchscreen 
6 rotatable dial controls
Over 15 button controls
Audio Inputs: Instrument input (6.3 mm), Fx Loop Return
Audio Outputs: Fx Loop Send, 2x XLR Out, 3.5 mm Headphones Jack, 2x 6.3 mm Line Output
Programmable MIDI IN and MIDI OUT interfacing
USB-C port for preset management, USB audio, and USB MIDI functionality
MOOER wireless footswitch compatibility 
Bundled desktop and mobile app for preset management 
Bluetooth audio output functionality
Low-latency ASIO USB C interfacing of up to 192kHz 
Switchable serial/parallel TRS stereo FX LOOP function
Integrated 7.4V 4750mAh li-ion battery

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