Roland TD-02K V-Drums Sähkörumpusetti

Digirummut, Edulliset ja laadukkaat sähkörummut, Helppokäyttöinen, Sopii hyvin kotisoittoon ja harjoitteluun, 16 valmista rumpusettisoundia, USB MIDI -liitäntä tietokoneeseen, Harjoitustoiminnot, Laajennettavissa myöhemmin
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Tarjoushinta 379,00 € Normaalihinta 406,00 €
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Start Your Drumming Journey the Right Way

The TD-02 series brings you the world’s finest entry-level electronic drumming experience—at an affordable price. Backed by decades of V-Drums innovation, these compact and highly expressive kits are far greater than the sum of their parts. Every element works together to form a complete musical foundation, from the world-class sounds and ultra-responsive pads to the onboard practice tools, robust hardware, and practical features for reducing noise when playing at home. And with expansion options such as Bluetooth® connectivity for mobile devices, upgradable pads, and more, you can easily grow your setup with genuine Roland accessories as needs evolve.

The TD-02K is the most compact kit in the series. It features a snare pad, three tom pads, a quiet beaterless kick pedal, three cymbal pads (hi-hat, crash, and ride), and a unique height-adjustable stand ideal for younger players.

High-quality electronic drum kit for new and returning drummers, with authentic V-Drums sound, expression, and playability
TD-02 module with 16 ready-to-play kits inspired by high-end V-Drums
Add wireless audio/MIDI streaming to the module with the optional BOSS Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor
Onboard Coach functions for guided practice and steady development of drumming skills
Built-in metronome with dedicated panel control and numerous rhythm subdivision and sound options
Snare pad, three tom pads, and three cymbal pads (hi-hat, crash, and ride) with sensitive playing surfaces and expressive response for developing proper techniques
Kick trigger and hi-hat controller pedals with noise-reducing design features for minimizing sound transfer to other rooms
Rugged and stable three-post stand with adjustable height to suit players of all ages
Perfectly adjust the response of each pad to your playing touch with a deep array of sensitivity settings
Headphones output for quiet practice
Audio input for drumming with music from a smartphone or music player
USB audio/MIDI connectivity for working with music production apps on computers and mobile devices
Expand and upgrade your drumming experience with a wide range of V-Drums accessories

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