Seymour Duncan 500K Smooth-Turning Potentiometer Potikka

Seymour Duncan
11807-60-500, SDP-500 potikka 500K, Erittäin laadukas Seymour Duncanille kustomoitu Bourns-potikka, Toimii volume- tai tone -potikkana, Seymour Duncan -logolla
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11,00 €

High quality 500k Ohm audio taper potentiometer with smooth taper and feel.

Custom-crafted by Bourns to exact Seymour Duncan specifications, the Seymour Duncan 500k Smooth-Turning Potentiometer features high-quality construction, tapered control, and a feel that’s just right–all from a name you trust. Use it as a volume pot or tone control. You can feel the difference. Comes with mounting hardware.

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