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Service & Repairs

All-Inclusive Service, Maintenance and Repairs for Instruments and Gear

A properly set up instrument delivers the playing experience it's desinged for. It plays as it should and maintains its value.


Bring your equipment that requires service to Musamaailma Noutopiste or Musamaailma Helsinki store.

  • When you bring your instrument or equipment to Musamaailma, we will evaluate the type of service required.
  • We will call you or send you a text message once the service is done.
  • Pay when you pick up. It's very easy!

What's Included?

For guitars and basses, we recommend regular maintenance done by our luthier.
Our Basic Maintenance takes 1 hour and includes the following procedures:

  • Cleaning the instrument
  • Cleaning and oiling the fretboard
  • Changing the strings
  • Checking the electronics
  • Neck adjustments 
  • Bridge adjustments
  • Setting the intonation

Instrument maintenance & repair rate is 64€ / hour plus any strings, parts and accessories. Our rates are based on actual use of time, so there is no so-called minimum billing.

If you would like to send your gear to us for service, please contact our Customer Service in advance by phone +358 9 720 6060 or by email


Bring your amplifier or other electronic equipment in need of service to Musamaailma Noutopiste or Musamaailma Helsinki store.
We also offer tube amp modifications and customizations! Contact us for more information.

  • Guitar amps, bass amps, effects units, keyboards, PA systems & other electronic music equipment service & repair: 65 € / hour + spare parts (minimum 1 hour)
  • If you are unsure of the possible repair costs versus the value of your gear, you can ask for a price quote in advance.
  • If it turns out it would be too expensive for you to get your gear repaired, only the inspection costs (minimum 65 €) will be charged and the unit is returned to you without repairs made.

Statements for Insurance Companies

If there has been damage to your instrument and you need a statement to go with your claim to receive compensation, contact our Customer Service.
We will charge 65 € for the statement, an amount which your insurance company will refund you if your claim is accepted and you are eligible for compensation.

All prices include VAT 24%.