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Bogner Goldfinger 45 Kitaravahvistin

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Bogner Goldfinger 45 Kitaravahvistin
2 756,00 €


Helsingin myymälä: Varastossa
Turun myymälä: Kysy saatavuus
Tukkuvarasto: Kysy saatavuus
Kitaranuppi, Bogner Custom Shop, Huippulaadukas & erittäin monipuolinen 45W täysputkinuppi vintage-henkisellä täyteläisellä soundilla, 2 kanavaa, Kattavat kanavakohtaiset soundin säädöt, 4 erilaista tehoasetusta, 4x 6V6 pääteasteputket, Efektilenkki Pre FX -valinnoilla, Jalkakytkin mukana
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"People will have to take their time to dial this amp in" Reinhold Bogner replied with raised voice, "it's not just an amp, it's a Guitar System!"

Bogner Goldfinger 45 head is based around the rich harmonic textures of the iconic 6V6 tube. Known for having a nice warmth and a creamy breakup at fairly low volumes, the 6V6 sings like an EL34 but has more chime for cleaner bell like tones. The Goldfinger's power amp has the finesse of a Bull Rider that knows the art of hanging loose and tight at the same time, not an easy sonic accomplishment by any means. The 6V6 power amp, when combined with the many sonic fragrances of the fine-tuned preamp circuit, offers you have a complex harmonic universe that allows your soul to get lost in.

Reinhold's Guitar System? The Goldfinger is a two channel vintage voiced amplifier incorporating Reinhold Bogner's incredible tonal flexibility. Each channel, one named Alpha, the other Omega, features multiple controls and switches to highly customize your personal sound preferences.

The combination of the channels with the availability of a pre and post effects loop makes this amplifier a Guitar System which lets you route your guitar signal as needed without downloading the original audio signal.

The post effects loop is the more common found loop between pre amp and power amp. The loop can be operated in series or parallel and has a level switch to be set accordingly to the effects unit used. Parallel mode lets you mix your effects via a control to the pure dry signal. Series takes the entire dry signal and routes it through your effects unit, series can also be used as a volume boost.

The pre effects loop is incredibly unique and a first in amplifier designs. Actually, the second time, since in 1995 Reinhold designed and produced a limited 60 unit run of the hand wired Caveman amplifiers which featured a tube buffered pre effects loop. While this loop worked well and served its purpose for the 100% pure sound, you still had to plug the guitar directly into the channel inputs.

After rethinking the problem, Reinhold came up with a new pre loop design that's featured for the first time in the Goldfinger. The problem is solved: if the pre loop is not engaged the amplifier will only see the pure guitar signal without it going through any switches or relays. This means if your guitar is plugged straight into the Goldfinger's input and any other effect pedals, loopers, routers etc., that would normally be used between the guitar and amplifier, are connected through the Goldfinger's loop, you still retain a 100% pure guitar tone! Please note this pre loop is a non-buffered circuit design.

Goldfinger 45 - The quartet of 6V6's delivers 45 watts of clean headroom and can be scaled down to 30, 23 or 15 watts.


  • 45-watt Two channel Tube Amplifier
  • 4 x 6V6 tube power amp section
  • Choice of variable Boost or Pre FX-Loop
  • Boost or Pre FX-Loop individually footswitchable for each channel
  • Footswitch controllable tube buffered series or parallel Post FX-Loop
  • Footswitch controllable spring reverb*
  • a Ch.: Bass, Middle, Treble, gain & Loudness controls, Pre & Post Bright switches
  • Ω Ch.: Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain EQ, Gain & Loudness controls, 69/80 mode switch
  • High and Low + Half power switch for 4 different power settings between 9 and 45 watts.
  • Functions on footswitch: a/Ω ch. select, aboost/pre-fx, Ω boost/pre-fx, reverb, post-fx
  • Available as Head or 1x12 open back combo (Goldfinger 45 only)
  • Matching 1x12 open and 2x12 open or closed speaker cabinets


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