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Bogner Goldfinger 54 Phi Head Kitaravahvistin

Bogner Goldfinger 54 Phi Head Kitaravahvistin
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GF54, Huippunuppi pedaaleja suosivalle kitaristille! Putkinuppi, 1 kanava, 66-9W, 6-asentoinen tehokytkin, 2 Voicing-soundivalintaa, 2 erillistä boostia, Vintage-tyyppinen BAX EQ, Efektilenkki putkibufferilla, Jousikaiku, Kattavat säädöt, Sis. 4-painikkeinen jalkakytkin
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Bogner Goldfinger 54 Phi on pedaaleja suosivan kitaristin uusi ykkösnuppi! 54 Phi on yhden kanavan ympärille rakennettu huippulaadukas putkivahvistin.

Voit valita 6 tehoasetuksen väliltä. Tämän lisäksi tarjolla on 2 erillistä boostia ja 2 voicing -soundivalintaa. Hienosäätöä varten on 3-alueinen EQ sekä erikseen kytkettävä vintage-tyyppinen BAX EQ, jolla saat soundiisi todella maukasta luonnetta.

Laitteessa on myös ensiluokkainen jousikaiku sekä putki-bufferoitu efektilenkki, tietenkin. Pakettiin kuuluu myös kattava 4-painikkeinen jalkakytkin, jolla kontrolloit laitteen eri ominaisuuksia helposti.


  • Sarja: Goldfinger
  • Teho: 66-9W, Valittavissa 66W / 58W / 33W / 27W / 19W / 9W
  • Etuasteputket: 3x 12AX7
  • Pääteasteputket: 2x 6L6, 2x 6V6
  • Kanavat: 1
  • Efektit: Jousikaiku
  • EQ: 3-alueinen EQ kytkettävällä BAX EQ -osiolla
  • Säädöt: Hi/Low, Reverb Level, Presence Level, FX Level, Bass, Mid, Treble, Loudness, Gain, Boost
  • Jalkakytkin: Reverb, FX Loop, Solo, Boost
  • Liitännät sisään: 1x Instrumentti
  • Liitännät ulos: 1x Kaiutinlähtö 4/8/16 ohm, 1x Line Out

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The front end is vaguely based on the Goldfinger 45's pre-amp but with the ability to change it's tonal character via the BAX mode from a classic 60's tone stack to a Bax EQ which is reminiscent of 50's department store amps. BAX EQ engaged takes away the big bass with shimmering high cleans to a pure balanced even EQ spectrum that is unique, articulate and vintage in style.

Two individual boost circuits let you either add more preamp push, a trim pot helps dialing in your personal preferred level, or a fatter tone with singing mids for solos with a more overall British voiced tone, both accessible via the foot controller. 

Phi also includes lush spring reverb and a tube buffered effects loop. A single 16 and selectable dual 8 or 4 ohm speaker outputs as well as an adjustable flat frequency Line Out for routing IR speaker simulation software or running post effects for stereo bi-amping setups.

The flexible tube array with two 6V6's plus two 6L6's combined as well as the option to mute either pair and run it on high or low power setting via the three position Standby switch makes the Goldfinger 54 Phi a multitude of different single channel amplifiers in one. It can be a 66, 58, 33, 27, 19 or 9 watt amplifier each with a different feel, compression and volume.

The head version with a 17 by 9.5 inch footprint at a height of only 8.25 inch is among the very smallest all tube 66 watt amplifiers on the market and consider all the features and you will find no competition left.

The Greek letter Phi Φ is used as symbol for the Golden Ratio.

"Two quantities are in the Golden ration if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities"



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