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    PROCO RMS-2 Monitor Selector

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    PROCO RMS-2 Monitor Selector
    340,00 €


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    Tukkuvarasto: Varastossa
    Räkkiin asennettava kaiutinvalitsin, Monitorivalitsin, 2 Stereotuloa reititettävissä yhteensä kuudelle kaiutinparille, Nopea A/B-vertailu, Mahtava tehonkesto, 1U räkkikoko
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    Recording studios, speaker demo rooms and many other audio installations require a single stereo amplifier to selectively power several different pairs of speakers. For instance, in studio control rooms there is a definite trend towards the use of “nearfield” monitors in addition to the large main speakers. In the retail field, audio dealers need to be able to demonstrate different speakers with the same amplifier to enable the customer to compare performance, efficiency and sound quality.

    The Pro Co RMS-2 consists of two independent stereo sections, each capable of routing the outputs of a stereo amplifier to one of three pairs of speakers.

    The switching logic allows fast and easy “A-B” comparison between any two pairs of speakers desired. The RMS-2 may be safely used with bridged-mono amplifier configurations since both “hot” and “cold” sides of the speaker lines are switched simultaneously. Power handling? The heavy-duty toggle switches safely carry loads as high as 1800 watts!

    The RMS-2 rugged 16–gauge steel and aluminum "Uni–box™" construction enclosure is finished in a durable black texture powder coat finish with black anodized aluminum side channels. Easy– to–read control graphics are incorporated into the Lexan® front and back panel overlays. Inside, the specially designed transformers combine superb audio quality with unsurpassed noise rejection.

    The RMS-2 can be mounted in any standard 19" (482.6mm) rack.



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