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SEYMOUR DUNCAN Alnico II Pro Staggered Strat White kitaramikrofonisetti

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SEYMOUR DUNCAN Alnico II Pro Staggered Strat White kitaramikrofonisetti
223,40 €


Helsingin myymälä: Varastossa
Turun myymälä: Kysy saatavuus
Tukkuvarasto: Kysy saatavuus
11204-01-Cset, APS-1 CAL SET(3), Täydellinen tehtaalla kalibroitu mikkisetti, sis. 3x APS-1 yksikelainen mikrofoni, Käsintehty USA:ssa, Valkoiset kuoret Seymour Duncan -logolla
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Vintage-correct true single-coil. Recommended for country, pop, surf, rockabilly, blues, ska and classic rock.

The hand ground Alnico 2 magnets and moderate windings (Heavy Formvar® wire) yield a warm, sweet tone with more natural string vibration for great sustain. Players who get their distortion from the amp rather than the pickup love the APS-1. It allows them to back off the crunch and get beautiful clean tones with softer attack. Compared to the SSL-1, the APS-1 has a rounder sound with a spongier bass response. Comes with waxed cloth hookup cable and vintage-style "keyed" bottom plate.

complete setup
Calibrated set available with RW/RP middle pickup.

For warmer toned ash, alder or basswood body instruments. Works with maple and rosewood fingerboards.

available mods
Reverse wound, reverse polarity (RW/RP) middle pickups for hum canceling in positions "2" and "4" on the five-way switch. Left-hand magnet stagger pattern.

CMarc Ford / Ben Harper & Black Crowes, Kevin Hunter / Shania Twain, Dale Oliver / Reba McIntire, Jeff Pevar / CPR



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