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    SEYMOUR DUNCAN SM-1B kitaramikrofoni

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    SEYMOUR DUNCAN SM-1B kitaramikrofoni

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    Helsingin myymälä: Varastossa
    Turun myymälä: Kysy saatavuus
    Tukkuvarasto: Varastossa
    Vintage Mini Humbucker, talla, (11101-10)
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    Vintage-correct replica of classic Firebird® pickup. Great for jazz, blues, rockabilly, classic rock and heavy rock.

    The sound is somewhat of a tonal cross between a single-coil and a humbucker. They're brighter and livelier than a full-size humbucker with more "bell tone." The Alnico 5 magnet and moderate output coil windings make it an authentic tonal reproduction of the great sound of a classic Firebird®. Comes with vintage-style single-conductor hookup cable.

    complete setup
    Available in both neck and bridge versions. Also, the Vintage is commonly used in the neck with an SM-2 Custom or SM-3 Seymourized in the bridge position for higher output and versatility.

    For balanced and warm instruments. Works especially well with soft wood bodies (e.g., mahogany and swamp ash) and rosewood fingerboards.

    Sonny Landreth, Rick McRae / George Strait Band, Martha Davis / Motels, Tom Principato



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