B-STOCK EMG 91 Black Guitar Pickup

B-Stock Product, Note: Solder Version! High Quality Active Humbucker Pickup, Extra Thin Design, For 6-String Archtop Guitars, Natural Warm Tone with Great String Balance, Alnico Magnets, Includes Mounting Bracket Kit, Black Cover
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EMG 91 was the first "floating" guitar pickup to give archtop players the benefits of a low-impedance pickup. Using Alnico magnets and a specially designed internal preamp, the 91 gives players a warm, present tone that reproduces the guitar's natural sound with great string-to-string separation for playing extended chord voicings.

This pickup is remarkably thin and will fit comfortably at the end of the fingerboard without interfering with your strings or the top of the guitar.

There are several benefits to using an active pickup for an arch top. Firstly, the pickup can be designed for great tone because output level is not an issue. In addition, the EMG design insures the pickup is virtually noiseless and doesn’t need string grounding. It is almost impossible to ground the strings of an arch-top guitar, so the pickup needs to be noiseless in its design.

EMG 91 has compensation for plain B and E strings so they balance well with the wound strings.

Because all arch-top guitars are different, mounting the pickup is usually unique in most cases. The pickup can be mounted on its bottom surface to a pickguard, or can be mounted with the EMG 91 bracket kit.

Active Humbucker
Extra Thin Design
For Neck Position
For 6-String Archtop Guitars
Alnico Magnets
Resonant Frequency: 4.05 kHz
Solder Version
Black Cover

Mer information
Active / PassiveActive
MagnetAlnico 5
Cover & ColorBlack Cover
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