VOODOO LAB Pedal Power MONDO Power Supply

The Most Powerful Pedal Power Supply In The World, 12 Isolated DC Outputs with Variable Voltages and mA Outputs, Isolated Outputs, Made in USA, Cables Included
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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power MONDO is the most powerful pedal power supply in the world. It works great with larger Rockboard pedalboards.

MONDO has 12 isolated DC outputs with variable voltages and mA outputs. High-quality toroidal transformers and isolated outputs quarantee trouble-free and silent operation for years to come.

MONDO is provided with extensive amount of cables to power your pedalboard.


  • 4 isolated 400mA 9VDC outputs, two switchable to 12VDC
  • 4 isolated 100mA 9VDC outputs, all switchable to 12VDC
  • 2 isolated 9VDC 100mA outputs. The voltage is adjusted with Sag-control. Easy way to simulate dead battery sound on fuzzes.
  • Powers power-hungry pedals like Strymon, Line6 (excluding M9/M13), TC Electronics, Boss Twin etc.ᅠ
  • Pedals needing 18-24VDC can be powered with custom cables.
  • Designed and Made in USA


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