Truetone Pure Tone Buffer

CSPT, Truetone Custom Shop Buffer Box, Prevent Tone Degradation & Cable Capacitance Problems, Works with 9V Power
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660,57 kr

Truetone Pure Tone Buffer is the famous buffer that is in all Truetone pedals. Now also available in a tiny, Custom Shop package. Put it first in the chain of effects, plug in your input and output cables and a 9V power supply (like the 1 SPOT…), and your guitar will sound like it’s plugged directly into your amp with a short cord. It’s that simple, and yes, it really works. Completely eliminates cable capacitance and tone sucking.

Pure Tone Buffer was built originally for guitarist Neil Zaza back in 1997. He needed something to clean up his bypass tone for all the pedals he used (VOX wah included). Pure Tone, when placed first in the chain, made it sound like he was plugged straight into the amp even when going through notorious tone killer pedals.

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