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The best way to upgrade your bass sound is to change the pickups and electronics. We have a huge selection of Seymour Duncan and EMG pickups with active or passive electronics for all basses.


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  1. EMG LC-PA Les Claypool Brushed Gold Signature Electric Bass Pickup
    Special Price 1 413,15 kr Regular Price 1 570,16 kr
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  2. Seymour Duncan Heavy Weather Jazz Bass Set Pickups
    Special Price 2 111,82 kr Regular Price 2 346,47 kr
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  3. EMG J5 Set Black Bass Pickups
    1 901,30 kr
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  4. EMG MM5CS 5-String Electric Bass Pickup
    1 146,93 kr
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  5. EMG LJX Bass Pickup
    Special Price 941,44 kr Regular Price 1 046,05 kr
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  6. EMG SJ Bass Pickup
    Special Price 897,04 kr Regular Price 996,70 kr
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  7. EMG RT Rip Tide Set Black Chrome Bass Pickups
    Special Price 1 982,55 kr Regular Price 2 202,83 kr
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  8. EMG 35JX Black Bass Pickup
    1 096,48 kr
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  9. EMG 35TWX Black Bass Pickup
    1 197,36 kr
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  10. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound PJ Set Bass Pickups
    Special Price 2 013,15 kr Regular Price 2 236,82 kr
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