Bass Combos

Solid-state bass combos - amp and speaker or speakers in a single unit. Handy at home, gigs and school use.

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  1. Positive Grid Spark GO Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 1,461.84
    In stock
  2. Mooer Hornet White Bluetooth Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 1,473.18
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  3. Mooer Hornet 30 White Bluetooth Amplifier
    SEK 1,824.47
    In stock
  4. Warwick BC 20 bassovahvistin
    SEK 1,835.80
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  5. Warwick BC 40 Bassovahvistin
    SEK 2,334.42
    In stock
  6. Positive Grid Spark Mini Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 2,708.38
    In stock
  7. MARKBASS CMB 101 Black Line Bass Amplifier
    SEK 2,935.02
    In stock
  8. Warwick BC 80 bassovahvistin
    SEK 3,308.97
    In stock
  9. Positive Grid Spark 40W Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 3,388.30
    In stock
  10. Markbass Micromark 801 Bass Amplifier
    SEK 4,170.21
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  11. BOSS Dual Cube Bass LX Bass Amplifier
    SEK 4,204.21
    In stock
  12. BOSS Katana 110B Bass Amplifier
    Now Only SEK 4,510.18 Regular Price SEK 4,906.80
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