Bass Cleaning, Spare Parts, Accessories

Take good care of your instrument with various maintenance and cleaning products. Need spare parts? Machine heads, bridges, strap locks, pickguards, we've got it.

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  1. Positive Grid Spark Battery For Spark LIVE
    SEK 1,038.25
    Ask for availability
  2. 3M Dual Lock Velcro Tape (1,2 Meters)
    SEK 220.48
    In stock
  3. Dunlop 6574 Cream of Carnauba Guitar Wax
    SEK 113.74
    Ask for availability
  4. Stagg Alpha 500K B Potentiometer
    SEK 45.49
    In stock
  5. Stagg Alpha 500K A Potentiometer
    SEK 48.99
    In stock
  6. Stagg Alpha 250K B Potentiometer
    SEK 56.00
    In stock
  7. Stagg SP-KNJB-BK Knob Set, Black
    SEK 74.66
    In stock
  8. Stagg BJA-009 Guitar Strap nylon
    SEK 66.49
    In stock
  9. Aweda PokeLight Music Stand Lamp
    SEK 186.65
    In stock
  10. Schaller S-Locks Straplock Buttons Gold
    SEK 255.47
    In stock
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