Dunlop Nylon Max-Grip Jazz III Red Pick 6-Pack

471P3N, Jazz 3 Plectrum, Thickness 1.38mm, Superior Textured Grip Surface, Red Nylon, Package Contains 6 Picks
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Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III picks feature a brilliantly engineered, molded-in grip that gives you a superior hold. Rather than covering only the sweet spot the way the many textured picks do, Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III picks sport a combination of coarse and fine texture across the entire gripping surface.

Made of molded nylon and formed in Dunlop's Jazz III shape, these Max Grip picks give you the sharp attack and quick string off you demand, plus pick control like nothing you've felt before. Discover a new level of playing confidence, with Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III picks. This nylon version is somewhat flexible (like a normal medium thickness pick).

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