EMG 1 or 2 Pickups Wiring Kit

EMG SL Conversion Kit 1 or 2 PU Push/Pull Short, High Quality Solderless Wiring Kit for 1-2 Active Pickups, Works with Dual Mode Pickups, Quick Connectors, Short (Normal) Shaft Pots, Includes Everything You Need!
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SEK 634.23
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All of the solderless components for installation in one package! This kit includes everything needed for install in a 1 or 2 pickup configuration with potentiometers and a push/pull pot for dual-mode pickups (89/81TW etc.) This kit is for active pickups.


  • 1x Volume Pot
  • 1x Volume Pot Push/Pull
  • 2x Tone Pot
  • 1x Pickup Buss
  • 1x Power Buss
  • 1x 12B Output Jack with Battery Clip
  • 1x Output Cable
  • 4x Interconnect Cable
  • 1x TW Pickup Cable
  • 1x Ordinary Pickup Cable
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