EMG H1A-B Black Guitar Pickup

H1AB, EMG HZ Series, High Quality Passive Bridge Humbucker, Combines PAF Characteristics and Modern Technology, Warm Sound with Full Midrange & Smooth Top End, Great for Classic Rock, Overwound Coils, Alnico 5 Magnets, Includes Quick Connect Cables, Easy Solderless Install, Black Cover
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EMG H1A-B features the same design as the H1 but utilizes Alnico V magnets instead of ceramic. The result is a much warmer sound with a full mid-range and a smoother top end, without sacrificing any of the presence or clarity you'd expect from the best vintage humbuckers.

This model utilizes over wound coils and Alnico V magnets to give it the feel and response of an old passive pickup. In the neck position, the H1A-N has a buttery smoothness that still cuts through. In the bridge position, the H1A-B produces a fat low-end with sparkle and punchy.

1x EMG H1A-B Pickup
1x 500K Volume Pot
1x 500K Tone Pot
1x Mono Output Jack
1x Two Pickup In/Out Bus
1x Pickup Cable
2x Connect Cable
1x Output Cable
1x Ground Cable
Mounting Screws and Springs

More Information
Active / PassivePassive
MagnetAlnico 5
OutputMedium High
DC Resistance13.65
Cable TypeQuick Connect
Cover & ColorBlack Cover
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