The roots of Stagg go back to Japan in the 1970's, where a broad range of iconic guitar models were made under that brand. In 1995, Stagg was reformed and expanded, as the brand's headquaters were moved to Brussels, Belgium. Today Stagg's almost universal range of products offers high-quality solutions for music enthusiasts all over the world.

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  1. Stagg SPRF1 Cymbal Felt
    SEK 22.17
    In stock
  2. Stagg Adapter XLR Male - 6.3mm Plug
    SEK 68.84
    In stock
  3. Stagg DT-52R Drum Throne
    SEK 1,746.81
    In stock
  4. Stagg LBD-50 Cymbal Boom Stand
    SEK 1,271.90
    In stock
  5. Stagg Hand Castanjet CAS-N
    SEK 145.86
    In stock
  6. Stagg GEC-SA Hollowbody Guitar Case
    Now Only SEK 1,271.90 Regular Price SEK 1,505.27
    In stock
  7. Stagg K-60 Drum Key
    SEK 44.34
    In stock
  8. Stagg Classical Guitar Strap, Nylon
    SEK 117.85
    In stock
  9. Stagg PSB-48 Drum Hardware Bag
    SEK 1,163.38
    In stock
  10. Stagg 52 Series Standard Snare Stand
    SEK 928.83
    In stock
  11. Stagg PP-52 Bass Drum Pedal
    SEK 1,129.54
    In stock
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