EMG ABCX Active Balance Control Pot

High Quality Solderless Active EQ Insertion Loss Eliminator Potentiometer, For EMG X Series Pickups, Quick Connectors, Smooth Shaft Pot
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721,03 kr

EMG ABCX Active Balance Control is an active EQ accessory that eliminates insertion loss and is designed to work with all EMG X series pickups that have an active tone pot.

Insertion loss is a naturally occurring yet frustrating phenomenon that occurs most frequently with traditional balance pots, usually when it is in the middle position. It is characterized by a drop in signal strength that occurs when two competing signals are mixed; the nearer you move the balance knob to the middle position the more directly it affects the signal of the other pickup.

EMG has designed this Active Balance Control to eliminate this phenomenon and gives a player more direct control and a more reliable expectation of what their tone will sound like at any given time. Whether in the studio or playing live, EMG once again provides the reliability and quality that musicians have come to rely on the world over.

In the Box:
1x EMG ABCX Pot with Quick Connectors
2x Quick Connect Cables

Input Impedance (Ohms): 25K
Input Referred Noise: -130dbV
Output Impedance (Ohms): 2K
Current @ 9V (Microamps): 188
Battery Life (Hours): 2500
Maximum Supply (Volts DC): 18


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