Boss GA-FC Footswitch

Footswitch for BOSS and Roland amps, 6 Switches, 2x Expression Pedal Input for Drive and Volume Control, Compatible with BOSS Katana, Roland Cube 40, Roland Cube 80 etc.
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Roland GA-FC Footswitch lets you drive Roland and BOSS amps from the floor when you want to keep your hands on your guitar. It allows for expansion as well: plug in optional expression pedals for drive and volume control or link an additional amp.

- Switch instantly between four channels and two routes of loops, reverbs, boost settings, etc.
- Simultaneously connect two expression pedals* for realtime control of volume and drive
- Compatible products: Katana-100 MkII, Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Artist212, Blues Cube Tour, CUBE-80GX, CUBE-40GX, GA-212, GA-112, KATANA-100/212, KATANA-100, KATANA-HEAD, Acoustic Singer Pro, Acoustic Singer Live.
- *EV-5, FV-500L, and FV-500H are available as optional expression pedals for the GA-FC.

Compatible products:
- Boss Katana-100 MkII
- Boss Katana 100
- Boss Katana 100 212
- Boss Katana Head
- Boss Katana 110B
- Boss Katana 210B
- Roland Blues Cube Artist
- Roland Blues Cube Artist 212
- Roland Blues Cube Tour
- Roland CUBE-80GX
- Roland CUBE-40GX
- Roland GA-212
- Roland GA-112
- Roland Acoustic Singer Pro
- Roland Acoustic Singer Live

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