EMG EXG Guitar Expander Pot

High Quality EQ/Booster for Guitar, Potentiometer, Works with Active and Passive Pickups, Easy to Install, EMG Solderless Install System
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For exceptional flexibility in tone at your fingertips, there is no better choice than the EMG EXG Guitar Expander.

The frequency response of the EXG is similar to a typical guitar amp equalization.

The lows and highs are boosted while the midrange is dipped out as you turn the knob up. The result is a fuller tone that doesn't get muddy, keeping your sound clean and clear, and letting your guitar stand out in the mix. This sounds great with single coils, P90s and humbuckers - giving each a whole new frequency response and tonal options.

The EXG works with active or passive guitar pickups.

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