Istanbul Sterling Crash Ride 20 Cymbal

STCR 20, Aaron Sterling Signature Series, Combines Classic 1960s Sound with Modern Influences, Clear and Articulate, Prominent Bell, Full Crash
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Istanbul Sterling Crash Ride 20” is an Aaron Sterling signature cymbal. Sterling is an American drummer, producer and engineer who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Known for his studio work, Aaron has played drums on hundreds of records over the past decade for a variety of artists including John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Richie Sambora, Keith Urban, John Legend, Rita Ora, Lily Allen, Kelly Clarkson

The Sterling Crash Ride 20” is designed to be distinctly modern yet rooted in classic cymbal sounds of the 1960’s. Clear, articulate sticking, a prominent bell with warm and full crash.

  • Size: 20”
  • Type: Crash Ride
  • Model: STCR20
  • Series: Signature
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