Akustiska gitarrer

Here’s our selection of acoustic guitars. Find the model that suits you by choosing options from the left or use the search at the top.

A few tips:
An acoustic guitar doesn’t need an amplifier.
Woods and the overall build quality affect the sound a lot.
The best acoustic guitars are handcrafted. That’s why they are quite valuable.
Cutaway allows easier access to the upper frets.
Electro-acoustic guitars can be played through an acoustic guitar amplifier.
You can buy pickups or microphones separately.

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  1. Tanglewood TW1000 H SR Acoustic Guitar
    16 015,81 kr
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  2. B-STOCK Tanglewood TWJF E Electric-Acoustic Guitar
    Special Price 4 526,21 kr Regular Price 6 469,21 kr
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  3. B-STOCK Admira Alba 3/4 Classical Guitar
    Special Price 943,43 kr Regular Price 1 875,62 kr
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  4. LAVA ME Pro Gold Electric-Acoustic Guitar
    Special Price 12 567,80 kr Regular Price 16 217,96 kr
    I lager
  5. LAVA ME 2 Acoustic White Acoustic Guitar + Case
    Special Price 5 604,41 kr Regular Price 6 985,86 kr
    I lager
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