Seymour Duncan Brad Paisley La Brea Tele Bridge Guitar Pickup

Seymour Duncan
11201-08, Brad Paisley Signature, Handmade in USA, Authentic 1960s Looks, Open Twangy Sound with Focused Midrange and Round Top End, For Telecaster and Other 6-String Electric Guitars with Single Coils, Alnico 4 Rod Magnets, Cloth Push-Back Cable, Black/Grey Uncovered
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Seymour Duncan Brad Paisley La Brea Tele Bridge is a vintage-correct single coil pickup for Telecaster. In 2017, after a long search for the perfect guitar, Brad Paisley acquired an original 1968 Telecaster. The guitar played beautifully but had unfortunately been refinished in a black acrylic paint. So, Brad brought the guitar to veteran luthier and paisley paper expert, Bill Crook, to have the black paint stripped away to have a classic ’68 paisley pattern applied instead. After removing some of the thick black paint, Bill stumbled on a surprised that would shock them both: Fender’s original pink paisley finish from 1968! Brad dubbed the guitar La Brea, because the black paint hiding the perfectly intact, all-original pink paisley paper reminded him of the tar pits in Southern California. At this point, Brad loved almost everything about La Brea, but there was still something that wasn’t quite right – the pickups. Naturally, Brad called his buddy Seymour W. Duncan, and together they created the perfect, vintage accurate matched pickups – the Brad Paisley Signature La Brea Telecaster Set.

The bridge model features alnico IV rod magnets, vintage-correct cloth push-back wire, vintage output of 7.44k, and classic grey forbon flatwork, giving you the wonderful open quality that you expect from a vintage pickup, but with the focused midrange that only an alnico IV magnet can provide.

The Brad Paisley Signature La Brea Telecaster Bridge is hand built in Santa Barbara, CA.

Passive Single Coil Bridge Pickup for 6-String Guitars
1x Seymour Duncan Brad Paisley La Brea Tele Bridge
Hand Built in USA
Alnico 4 Rod Magnets
DC Resistance: 7.44
Cloth Push-Back Cable
Grey Forbon Flatwork
Includes Installation Screws
Black Uncovered

Mer information
BrandSeymour Duncan
TypeSingle Coil
Active / PassivePassive
MagnetAlnico 4
DC Resistance7.44
Cable Type1-Conductor
Cover & ColorGrey, No Cover
ArtistBrad Paisley