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Effects for electric and acoustic guitars. Add overdrive, distortion, reverb, delay or something else that sounds exciting! Tuners, loopers, noise gates and multi-effects also found here.

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  1. BOSS DS-1W Waza Craft Distortion Effects Pedal
    1 906,18 kr
    I lager
  2. Mooer GTRS GWF4 Wireless Footswitch
    746,39 kr
    I lager
  3. Mooer Drummer X2 Drum Machine Pedal
    1 802,83 kr
    I lager
  4. Mooer Looper X2 Stereo Looper Pedal
    1 802,83 kr
    I lager
  5. Soldano SLO Pedal Overdrive Effects Pedal
    3 203,76 kr
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  6. BOSS SD-1W Waza Craft Super Overdrive Pedal
    Special Price 1 825,80 kr Regular Price 2 124,35 kr
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  7. Mooer Macro Power S12 Power Supply
    1 710,97 kr
    I lager
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